Welcome to Bruce Russell’s official website.
Bruce is the author of five novels: Jacob’s Air, The Chelsea Manifesto, Channelling Henry, Reunion and The Museum of the Self.

He is also the author of a biography, Blackie (The John Robert Blackburne Story). As a ghost writer, he collaborated with Sheryl McCorry to produce Diamonds and Dust.

He is currently working on a fictional life of his uncle Bevan Llewellyn, one of the thousands of “Lancaster men” who lost their lives in World War II. Research began in 2015 with a journey to Lincolnshire, where Bruce took a "taxy ride" in Just Jane (see Gallery). The creative work continues, backed up by family documents and a dossier from the Australian National Archive. It is expected to be released in serial form in 2019, under the title “War Babies”.