Welcome to Bruce Russell’s official website.
Bruce is the author of five novels: Jacob’s Air, The Chelsea Manifesto, Channelling Henry, Reunion and The Museum of the Self.

He is also the author of a biography, Blackie (The John Robert Blackburne Story). As a ghost writer, he collaborated with Sheryl McCorry to produce Diamonds and Dust.

He is currently working on a fictional life of his uncle Bevan Llewellyn, one of the thousands of “Lancaster men” who lost their lives in World War II. Research began in 2015 with a journey to Lincolnshire, where Bruce took a "taxy ride" in Just Jane (see Gallery). The creative work continues, backed up by family documents and a dossier from the Australian National Archive.

A late arrival is the mysterious girl with the pearl pendant. Who is she? Her portrait, which appears in the Gallery, was found in Flight Sergeant Llewellyn’s locker. The face is both haunting and inspiring. Watch this space.